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seitenauslieferung.gifError information from browser or server:

Server not found
400, bad request
401, unauthorisized
403, forbidden request
404, file not found
408, request timeout
500, internal server error
503, Service Unavailable


scriptfehler.gifError information from scripts:

fatal error



datenbankfehler.gif Database errors

mysql_connect() -> Too many connections
mysql_connect() -> Lost connection to MySQL server at reading authorization packet, system error



zeitueberschreitung.gifHeavy loading time

Due to our experience, most servers are capable of delivierng HTML-markup to a browser within 300 msec. The pain starts at one sec. Loading times above 5 sec are intolarable and will be handled as errors.



fingerprint.gifIntelligent digital Fingerprint (IFCT)

This algorithm, espacially designed for SiteAlert, creates a digital fingerprint of your website.

Changes of the content will be tolerated by the system until a certain amount. (blog entrys or news won´t affect the system) Does the content change massivly, or in the wrong area (e.g. header) you´ll get alerted.

Some errors are difficult to indicate. This is a very effective way to solve those issues.